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Have you ever thought about how important your trees are? They’re a big part of the curb appeal of your home, they can provide shade in the summertime that reduces the amount you spend on cooling your home, and let’s not forget that they also give us a lot of the air we breathe!

Now that spring is on its way, this is a very important time to evaluate your trees for any damage they may have sustained over the winter. Are there decaying branches? Are the bases of the branches or the trunk itself hollow? Are there branches that were bent by heavy snow that may be close to breaking? Are any branches too close to your roof, garage, or power lines? Are the trees themselves starting to lean? Are there cracks in any branches or trunks?

Whatever you find, be sure to have a professional handle the issues that are beyond your ability or are too dangerous for you to care for yourself. Your trees take good care of you – why not do what you can to take care of them?

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